Monday, July 4, 2011

Teen Wolf

Channel: MTV
Time: 10/9 C
Weekday: Mondays
Genre: Supernatural Drama
Review: Me and my friends are absolutely in love with this show! Were currently trying to figure out who the alpha is and all in all the show keeps us interested and in love with the characters. Most people I think love the main character Scott. But I love Stiles he's funny, a bit crazy, trouble maker and, you can really tell he loves his Friends. Which is an amazing thing for a character to have. Now the love/lust between Scott and Allison is just crazy. It's beautiful and magical and very teen love. ahah. Teen Wolf is a re-make of a movie from 1985. Check out the show.
Also check out this post about how the star thinks his character can beat Jacob black


  1. I LOVE Teen Wolf! My sister and I always make sure we have the next episode recoded. I really want to know who the alpha is! And I like Stiles too! <3 He is so funny.

  2. I have today's episode recorded! I can't wait to watch it after I get caught up with everything on the computer! Thanks for the comment Mandi! How's your blog doing? And you of course.

  3. After watching the last episode I am so crazy right now! I hate the huge cliffhanger!

    Your welcome! :D

    And the blog is great. Just trying to get post scheduled before I leave on vacation. And I am good, just enjoying my summer. You?

  4. Ah! You make me wanna wattch it now!
    Thats great have fun of your vaca. Im good. Just started this second blog kind of freaking out about that. Also recently had my grad party. Umm this is an ok summer for me might go to texas work for my uncle for a bit. Or I migt stay in Wisconsin and go back to school. This summer could literly make or break me. Im glad your enjoying your summer and congrats on 100+ Followers.
    ps. hope this works im on my kindle.

  5. Well I hope your summer goes great!

    And thank you! :D