Monday, July 11, 2011

Switched at Birth

Channel: ABC Family
Time: 10/9 C
Weekday: Monday
Genre: Drama
Review: I love this show I connect very much to bay. Somehow I really understand how she feels. The rich parents are pretty stupid and the love triangle...square? I'm not really sure what it is but I can tell you almost everyone loves Daphne. Now heres one persons opinion on the show and I completely Agree. 
"The new ABC Family show, Switched at Birth. I stopped watching the shows on this channel long ago, but I tuned into the premiere of Switched at Birth out of nostalgia for the early '90s movie of the same name. I fully expected to watch the premiere, enjoy the melodrama and never tune in again. Imagine my surprise when the episode ended and I was looking forward to the next week. Three episodes in and I'm still hooked. I think what keeps bringing me back is that the show doesn't keep the focus on the "switched at birth" premise. Instead, it uses that premise as a starting-off point to explore more interesting issues. The most interesting one being class types and how that influences parenting styles. (One of the girls, Bay, went home with a wealthy family, which has money along with the arrogance that can sometimes bring. The other girl, Daphne, was raised by a single mom in a working-class neighborhood. Oh, and Daphne's also deaf.) None of the characters are perfect but I like all of them. Each one is doing their best to adjust to this new situation. But these families have extremely opposing ideas of what is right and how their daughters ought to be raised. And while some conflict has been resolved rather quickly to fit into your typical TV hour, there is still a lot of friction. I don't see these two families becoming The Brady Bunch anytime soon.

And there's so much more going on. Who is Bay's dad? How did this mix-up happen in the first place? Educating Daphne's birth family (and the audience) on her deafness and the deaf culture. I'm just crossing my fingers that the show continues to explore these more interesting real issues instead of being sucked into the melodrama, because so far I'm loving this show. — Lindlee"

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