Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Release date: June 28, 2011
Available on: Blue-ray and DVD
Rate: 4
Review: So I'm sure everyone has either gone to see the movie in theaters or bought it. I am one of those people who borrowed it from someone they knew so if they liked it they could go buy it and if not then ehh only a hour wasted.... Well I loved it, it had it's funny parts. But it also had those parts where I just wanted to fast forward though. I guess in all out of 5 stars I would give it a 4. There was something else I really didn't like. They could have just made him ugly. But instead they dressed him up. Made him look like he had a crazy amount of tattoos and a few burns and some strange cuts and metal looking things. But I guess I got over that quickly. But the witch was... Well she's a witch by why make her look emotionless? Anyways I'm done ranting, it was decent. 

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