Monday, October 17, 2011

Moujnir and I should be back and in the swing of things soon! I'm working on Thawed out and fed up, Flawless, The last Blind Date, and many others. I am currently unaware of what Moujnir is reading but I know she has a lot of reviews she is working on. She just got done with a very long edit. So I hope she relaxes a bit and I am super busy so I have not had as much time to read as I would like. I hope you all understand we are just Teenagers! 

We are currently looking for helpers on two blogs! 
Jagged Edge Reviews - We need reviewers and possible interviewers. But mainly I need reviewers. I do get a lot of offers, You will have your choice at many many books Physical and E-books.

Up All Night - I need anyone who can review anything other then books because those are on Jagged Edge. It can be movies, Tv shows, Resturants, Clothing, etc.

If you can help in any area please e-mail me!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

General show review (3)

CSI: It was kind of... Lame

A Gifted Man: Wow I really liked this show it was nice.

How to be a Gentlemen  I really couldn't even watch the full episode.

Pan Am: Uhh it was ok I'm gonna give it a second shot..

Dexter: Love it as always. It is a very Addicting show.

Person of Interest: This was surprisingly a really great show! I really did enjoy it a lot.

Up All Night: I did not like this show either. Sorry

The X Factor: I can't wait to see what becomes of it.

There are a lot of amazing great new shows but there are also terrible ones.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Need to tell you

I need to tell you about "I really can't wait for this. How about you?" I'm going to make it a Meme. about upcoming movies, shows, bands, etc. and I want to know what YOU think of it.
Current "I really can't wait for this. How about you?" Is One For The Money.

General show review (2)

Glee: I don't think they can ever go wrong. But, I miss Chord Overstreet.

Unforgettable: I just can't stand the show.

NCIS: LA: I don't really like this season's show.

Ringer: I just don't like it I gave it a few shots and *sigh* it's pretty annoying

Criminal Minds: Uhhh no just no. I missed it while it was gone but it got back and man did it suck!

Suburgatory: Jane Levy kind of looks like a young Emma Stone from Easy A. Ahah I really enjoyed this show.