About me

Started the blog on July 1, 2011
For those just getting here I am not new but this blog is.
I originally started a Book Review Blog that I love very much I will continue with it but I also plan to continue with this as well. What is this you ask? Well let me tell you! This is a review blog of EVERYTHING! Except books for that you can go to my book blog Jagged Edge Reviews.
If you have any questions please e-mail me at upallnightreviews@yahoo.com

My name is Kati.
I'm 23 and very excited to see what the future holds for me.
I love animals. I have a cat named Diesel.
I'm one of those people who would rather stay home and read than go to some party.
Normal people have Famous actors or singers even models as hero's. My hero's/influences are the authors and the books I read. I am a book lover through and through. I hope that if I ever have kids they will love reading just as much as I do. I have two handsome nephews and a beautiful niece. 

Important things to know about me are:
1. I love photography
2. I can be a bit out spoken
3. I have five brothers
4. I do work full time in Customer Service 5. I love cooking and baking but I haven't started experimenting with it until now. 
6. I'm waiting for an amazing person to cross my path.
7. I listen to all kinds of music.
8. I am extremely proud of both of my blogs!