Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Review: L'Oreal Paris Hydra Genius

Company: L'Oreal Paris
Item: Hydra Genius
Size: 3.04 FL. OZ
What is it: Daily face moisturizer for Dry/Normal skin
Where to find it: L'Oreal
Stars: 5 Stars

Review: First thing I want to say is this... I am extremely sensitive to smells, I always have been. I absolutely love the smell of this product! Some of my more favorite smells are kind of earthy or manly smells. I can handle floral, spice and fruit smells for only a short time. You know when you find a smell of something and you want it everywhere? That is kind of how I feel about this moisturizer.
On another note though I could instantly see how well this moisturized my face. It is almost like it woke my face up! I love it. My face is soft. I cannot wait to see how it feels and works with my makeup routine. Update: Over 12 hours later and my face still feels fresh and amazing, 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Meg: Twin Nail: Lovey Dovey: LIMITED EDITION!

Product: Meg: Twin Nail: Lovey Dovey
Stars: 5
Where you can find it: Meg

Review: I absolutely love this nail polish!! I was a little afraid when I got it in my Ipsy bag. The nail polish doesn't dry too quickly, it looks really good.  I have had some where they dry before I can even get a second swipe in. This is amazing. It shines so beautifully. I can't wait to see how long it goes with out chipping. I am beyond satisfied with this product. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Review: Aveda Lipstick: Cerise

Product: Aveda Lipstick
Color: Cerise
Where to find it: Aveda
Stars: 5
Review: I absolutely love this lipstick. It keeps my lips hydrated. The color stayed for a long time. There is a trick I want to try to see if I can get it to stay even longer! I would recommend this lipstick to anyone!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Review: Ipsy monthly subscription

Hello lovelies,

This was my first month with Ipsy. I was more than a little scared while waiting to see what I would be given.
All wonderful products in which I received. I am however a very picky person. Going into this I knew how much I hate blue as eye makup. Mind you blue is my favorite color. I was never able to actually wear it in makeup. I just so happened to receive a blue gel eye liner from Color Pop. The eye liner didn't really go on well or easy. I actually broke it trying to get it in my eye. I was determined to not let it be a waste and still got it on my lids. Lets just say I know that for my eyes and skin the gel liner is not for me. Next we go to the OFRA Rendezvous blush, although it was a bit dark for my tatse I absolutely loved the blush. I wish I had gotten it in full size rather than the eyeliner. In this bag I also got Elizabeth motts show me your glitter highlighter/eye shadow, I also loved this product. It isn't sticky and uncomfortable in any way. It has a beautiful shimmer to it and it doesn't make me feel like I am wearing something I shouldn't be. I got Meg nail polish. It was a cool little two pack. They were pretty basic colors that I would generally never buy for myself. I am very excited to give them a shot though. Last and not least in this months bag I received Theorie Marula Oil, I have never really used many serums in my hair previously. I do love that you can put it in your hair wet or dry. I have found the best results when putting it in my hair when it is already dry. I am personally not a fan of the bag itself either. Kind of ugly.

All in all for this bag I would say there were products I enjoyed. It was unfortunate that the only full size product is one that I will more than likely never use again. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Review: Mary Kay matte-wear liquid foundation

Product: Mary Kay Matte-wear liquid foundation
Size: 1 FL OZ
Stars: 4
Link: Mary Kay

Review: I have to be honest I have only tried a few different foundations but this is by far one of my favorite ones. The problem is I don't like having to go through their process to get the look. I want to be able to just put on my foundation and go from there. If I don't follow the steps my face tends to not be as soft, not covered as well and I seem to break out more. I want to try out a cream foundation to see if it would cover my acne marks a bit better. But for a liquid foundation this is definitely up there for me.

I have attached two pictures one is the product itself. The other is of my Mary Kay rep and my sister in law and I after a small makeover day!

Monday, September 29, 2014

My first Influenster Vox Box

Today I received my first Vox Box in the mail. I started Influenster a little over a month ago. I love it.
In my box today I received Air Heads Bites, pilot pens and, Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampoons. Also included was, Cover Girl fresh complexion, SinfulColors nail polish, Kiss: fake eye lashes and, last but not least Softlips Cube lip care. The reviews for most items are soon to come!

Monday, January 21, 2013


Review: They have amazing designs and it sticks for a long time! I love it! Easy to handle.

Little bit about them: 
Website: www.mecabrush.com

E-mail address: info@mecabrush.com
We have been in business online since 2000.
We sell airbrushed shirts, hats, pillowcases, batting helmets and a few other misc items.  We also offer imprinted shirts and sport totes, personalized posters, decals, key rings, banners, and brag book photo albums.
Nearly all items we offer are custom made and personalized.  There is no 'mass production'.  Items aren't made until they've been ordered.
We do custom designs and logo reproductions for teams and small businesses.  We offer team discounts and information on that is here.