Thursday, July 14, 2011

A cool thing you can do for charity!

The cool thing about this social media task is that the more you share using your GiveBack personalized link, not only could you win the O2O prize of $1000 for your GiveBack account and a $100 Mission Skincarecertificate for yourself but you're also building your own Impact Pointsand you could win $50,000 from GiveBack to give to charity.  We call that a serious win-win. (Wouldn't it just be so amazing to give that much money away to your favorite charity!!)
There are a number of ways you can get involved in the GiveBack 100 Days of Giving campaign using Social Media: 

1. Just 
sign up for a GiveBack account. (It's free and you can even join via Facebook which is super quick and easy.)

2. Then, share via Twitter or Facebook BUT we suggest either doing it through your GiveBack site home page OR at least making sure youinclude your personalized link in your post. (The reason for this is so that you can also build your Impact Points.)
If you don't want to share via the GiveBack site, you may want to consider shortening the URL of your personalized link.  
For example, Barbara's personal GiveBack link is:
If she uses a URL shortener like for example, the url is shortened to be:
This way you leave more space for writing your Tweet or Facebook post and the link takes up less characters.
Example Tweets or posts:
Check out @mygiveback 100 Days of Giving! You might win up to $50,000 to donate to charity (INSERT YOUR GIVEBACK PERSONAL URL HERE OR )
Did you hear that for 100 days @mygiveback is giving away $1k per day to a lucky GiveBack member to give to charity?(INSERT YOUR GIVEBACK PERSONAL URL HERE OR
Pls help me build my Impact Points so I can win $50k to give away to charity through @mygiveback.(INSERT YOUR GIVEBACK PERSONAL URL HERE)
Please Note: No need to overdo it. We suggest no more than 3 tweets within a 24 hour time period.  Your followers will appreciate moderation :-)

3Email your friends and family about GiveBack and don't forget to include your personalized GiveBack link. 

  • When the 100 Days of Giving ends on July 16, the One2One Member who has the most GiveBack Impact Points will receive$1000 in their foundation to give away to charity AND a $100 gift certificate to Mission Skincare.
  • All participants will be entered into a random drawing to win $250 for your GiveBackEach social media mention you report counts as an entry into the contest.  Winners will be announced on or before July 30.

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