Saturday, August 6, 2011


Product: Biore Warming Anti-blackhead cream cleanser
What is it: Face wash
Rate: 5
About it: This soothing, self-heating formula cleanses away pore-clogging dirt and oil as it helps reduce the appearance of blackheads. Effectively banish stubborn dirt, oil, and make-up as you help fight future blemishes, thanks to the power of salicylic acid.
Review: Man oh man could I have used this when I was in middle school. This is probably the one and only face wash I will live by. It is unbelievably amazing. I think my family has me stocked up on these by now. I refuse to share with anyone because I absolutely love this product. It warms my face and it clears everything. Not just black heads but pimples too! My mom was like wow Kati your face is so clear. Whats have you been doing, popping pimples. Nope I said just using my face cream. (I'm not much for pain so I love this!) When I was younger my family bought my proactive didn't work. I have tough skin it just didn't cut it. But Biore is amazing it cleared my face up right away. I will never go back to anything I have used before, and trust me I have used a lot of different face washes/cleansers/creams in my day.

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