Thursday, April 20, 2017

Review: Ipsy monthly subscription

Hello lovelies,

This was my first month with Ipsy. I was more than a little scared while waiting to see what I would be given.
All wonderful products in which I received. I am however a very picky person. Going into this I knew how much I hate blue as eye makup. Mind you blue is my favorite color. I was never able to actually wear it in makeup. I just so happened to receive a blue gel eye liner from Color Pop. The eye liner didn't really go on well or easy. I actually broke it trying to get it in my eye. I was determined to not let it be a waste and still got it on my lids. Lets just say I know that for my eyes and skin the gel liner is not for me. Next we go to the OFRA Rendezvous blush, although it was a bit dark for my tatse I absolutely loved the blush. I wish I had gotten it in full size rather than the eyeliner. In this bag I also got Elizabeth motts show me your glitter highlighter/eye shadow, I also loved this product. It isn't sticky and uncomfortable in any way. It has a beautiful shimmer to it and it doesn't make me feel like I am wearing something I shouldn't be. I got Meg nail polish. It was a cool little two pack. They were pretty basic colors that I would generally never buy for myself. I am very excited to give them a shot though. Last and not least in this months bag I received Theorie Marula Oil, I have never really used many serums in my hair previously. I do love that you can put it in your hair wet or dry. I have found the best results when putting it in my hair when it is already dry. I am personally not a fan of the bag itself either. Kind of ugly.

All in all for this bag I would say there were products I enjoyed. It was unfortunate that the only full size product is one that I will more than likely never use again. 

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