Saturday, March 10, 2012

Review: Jersey shore

Channel: MTV
Season: 1-5
Review: I watched the #JERZATHON. I just wanna say that I hated Jersey Shore before I watched this marathon. Now i'm kind of obsessed. Pauly D is funny, cute but he's still kind of immature. I would be almost amazed to see that boy married. Mike The situation Is only a situation in his head. He's arrogant, egotistical, and annoying. He's fake and he is always trying to take Vinny's girls. In my opinion it seems like he hates his life... Or something. Angelina or whatever her name was showed up for two seasons but never stayed for a full season. She started shit and was just generally annoying. Sammi was a good person, in a way she reminded me of myself. She does have trust problems and she starts shit but she doesn't really notice. So I kind of love her. Snooki is absolutley adorable, she's crazy and I hope she enjoys her baby and husband when that happens. Jenni is crazy, she's sexy and she loves to have a good time. She is my favorite girl on the Jersey shore. Ronni is short tempered. Then there is Vinny oh my damn, he is my favorite guy on this show, he's sexy when he where's his glasses, he is nice and sincere, he's the least fake person on there. I love Vinny. I laughed at the names because they all end with an ie i and a y. ahaha wow. Oh then Deena came I like her she's adorable. Not really sure what else to say about her. These guys are crazy full of drama but you know what it's also a family full of love. I'm sad that I only started to fall in love with these guys after the show was almost over. Love you Vinny! Oh and Jenni! <3
The season Finally will be on at Thursday the 15th at 9:00PM CST

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