Saturday, September 24, 2011

General show review

Two and a Half Men: All I was thinking when I was watching this was... Hey since they didn't show Charlie's "body" maybe he can come back and they can get rid of the annoying Jon Cryer.

Ringer: I'm still not sure how I feel about this show its alright but I have only seen the first one so far. Episode 2 is waiting on my DVR.

Awkward: This show is amazing its stupid and funny and every week I'm like "hey, is there an Awkward recording on yet?" I love it.

New Girl: Ummmmmm I didn't really like the first episode but I will give it another chance.

2 Broke Girls: I'm not gonna lie I hated this show.

The Secret Circle: I liked it... A Lot I've watched every episode without bothering with my DVR.

I will add more later. I have no doubt I have missed at least a few.

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