Review Policy

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Product Reviews 
While I do request a product to actually test and review, I do not charge any fee for this service, and will not pay any shipping and handling costs associated with products sent to me, nor will I return them to you, nor will I use it as the "giveaway" or "contest" item for any winner. Although I can not promise you a positive review I can promise an honest one.

Depending on the product and/or service I am testing, I usually will need 2-4 weeks to the test products before posting my review. At your request, I will also post reviews at other sites.

I request a full sized product, or activation code to website services to review in order to have your giveaways hosted by me, unless it is a product or service which I already have used or tested, even at my own expense. I want to be able to stand behind products I review and giveaway.

I prefer sponsors to ship items to winners of my contests, but it is negotiable for smaller items. I will supply you (the sponsor) with the winning contestants information, exactly as it is provided to me. I will supply you with the winners email address if needed for delivery or confirmation. 

I typically set up a Google Document as an entry form to make entering very easy for my readers to know what is mandatory and how they can earn bonus entries. At your request, I can add additional requirements, such as following you on social media to enter. This also allows me to have information on all entrants on one spreadsheet, so it is easier to contact the winners, and verify that all requirements have been met. 
Prizes are to be shipped direct to the winner from your company.

Ad Space:
Slots at 125x125 available. Fee for 30 days at $25 per ad.

Simplified: For my TV/Movie reviews please tell me when the show will be on CST and what channel it will be on. For movies send me a ticket or a movie card. If you have any questions, my e-mail is:

My music reviews policy is simple send me the songs you want reviewed. For any questions e-mail me at:

Now for my Product reviews I ask that you send me the full size product. If you have any questions on what kind of products I will review. Again I ask you to e-mail me at:

If you would like me to review books my other blog is Jagged Edge Reviews you will be directed to the Polices page by clicking here.